Secure Download for BuddyPress

Andrea & I are using BuddyPress and private groups for the support area of WP eBooks. All of our plugin eBooks include lifetime updates so in planning WP eBooks, we knew we needed a plugin/utility for providing our group members with updates. Until recently, we haven’t needed to provide updates on any of the plugins. A few weeks ago, I did a first pass on a secure download manager for BuddyPress that runs inside the BP Groups component.

From the user side the plugin is fully functional, but there are a few bugs in the group admin side that need to be fixed before I can label the plugin as a beta. The files uploaded through the plugin are stored outside the website and are only accessible through the download area of the group that it is associated with. This plugin will be our next release on WP eBooks. Here is a screenshot of the group member’s download area (click for full size):


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    Love to know how you achieve this one. When you say the item is stored “outside” what do you mean? On a protected CDN? Or elsewhere on the same server?

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