Remember the Vic20? Andrea does. She had a Commodore 64, new. Her grandfather was a radio guy and she saw that electronic gadgets can be fun. Push a button here, tweak it there… create something new.

Andrea has a wide variety of experience:

* owned a craft store with a companion web site
* taught Sunday School
* taught her children at home
* grown enough food to live off of
* sold her own handicrafts
* helped many friends with their websites
* filled administrative role for Ron’s consultant business.

On the computer front she likes to:

* manage databases
* code HTML
* work with stylesheets
* explain how things work
* create documentation
* figure out how things work (or not) and how to fix them

Creativity plays a large part of her life – inside the house and out. From sewing and cooking to gardening, you won’t find her just in front of the computer. She also likes to take pretty pictures and she wishes she could get paint chips sorted by hex color. The ideas flow fast and free and she is always on the lookout for new ways to do new things, always with enthusiasm and a smile.

She’s also a heavy contributor on the WordPress MU forums, and a Twitter lover.

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