In my year end review I mentioned in the closing paragraph that we would be incorporating a business. In 1995, I incorporated my consulting business first under a numbered company and then later as a named corporation. At the time you could realistically count on a minimum of 4 weeks to register a named corporation. At the time I needed one in 48 hours to meet a requirement for a contract. So, I did the numbered company first and the name registration after. Now the registration process here is all electronic and if you were in a rush, you could probably register a named company in less than a week.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that we have incorporated Rennick Media Ltd. and will be moving the ownership of all of our media services and our clients projects over to Rennick Media Ltd. The company name is in keeping with our business focus on media services. We are expecting to continue to do some development projects. Over the last 6-8 months we have pared down the number of active projects we are working on one time to a more manageable level. By doing that we have also been better able to focus on individual projects.

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