All in One Desk reference

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be co-authoring a book, called the WordPress All-In-One Desk reference with Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Cory Miller, Michael Torbert and Kevin Palmer. The book will be published by Wiley in early Spring 2011.

So far, I’ve written the first draft of all my assigned chapters, which are (naturally) all about multisite usage in WordPress. An overview of the entire network, if you will. It has been fun, informative, educational, and also one of the hardest and scariest things I have ever done. Yes, that includes speaking at WordCamps!

I’ve long been a huge fan of Lisa’s work, so this really is an honor to work alongside her. She’s been really great and gives awesome guidance for angsty writers like me. Adding my other co-authors just brings it right over the top into awesomeness.

Read Lisa’s announcement post here.

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  1. Why am I just seeing this post now? haha 🙂

    So happy to have you on board with the WordPress All In One book project, Andrea! When it came to Multi-Site stuff – asking you to contribute was a no-brainer!


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