Montreal Wrap Up

Did you hear we had the bestest time in Montreal? We had bagels, we walked *everywhere*, we met loads of awesome people and I got to practice my horrible French.  Oh, I did a presentation too. For some reason, I was the only person in that time slot. I spoke on what is probably now my go-to session, Domain Mapping in 3.0. In the awesome words of Matt himself on public speaking, “Know your material cold,” and this one I do.

Which was good, as for some reason the Montreal version of my talk was not on my netbook, just the one I had used in Chicago. Also, this was probably the most fun I have ever had on stage. Someone tweeted that it seemed like a stand-up routine, but they meant that in a good way. 😉 So did I. My daughter also heckled me from the audience. (That’s okay, I made her wave to everyone.)

I know someone was videotaping it and I hope it makes it online, as it rocked. If and when I get a link, I’ll include it here. Montreal: A++, would WordCamp again.

(image courtesy of elidir on flickr)

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  1. So sad to have missed your presentation, heard great reviews. Also hoping the video makes it online 🙂 Was a pleasure to meet you and the family.

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