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In case you missed the news breaking on twitter, Ron and I are now officially both working full time for CopyBlogger Media, LLC. Ron, of course, will be programming away – working on cool features for various projects, and I will continue to help explain how to use those things. 😉 Basically, the same thing we have been doing, except with a steady paycheque.

What does this mean for everything else? Not much, really. Most of our other projects, like WPeBooks, and our assortment of free plugins, will continue on as they have been. The only immediate change is what little outside client work we had been doing will go down to next to nothing.

Not only are we excited, but we are both really, really happy. It turns out in the couple years we’ve known Brian Gardner and the rest of the crew, we’ve become great friends and the fit is excellent. The transition towards working full time, in retrospect, may have seemed slow and gradual, but also practically inevitable. The working style within CopyBlogger also suits us quite nicely, and sometimes they insist we take time off (crazy!) !

Time off’s a good thing as well. 😉 We think this will give us more time to work on our other project and also make better decisions about them.

The next year will be interesting indeed.

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  1. Again, congrats on joining the Copyblogger crew – they are lucky to have you and Ron. 🙂 And yes, an awesome team got even more awesome when you and Ron came on board. 😀

  2. I am SO glad that my nefarious ploy to turn you from BFF and colleague to BFF/coworker came to pass… 😛 Seriously, having you guys on board has just increased total world awesomeness!

  3. Congratulations! You don’t know me, but I’ve read a lot of your forum posts on, Andrea, and they’ve helped me find my way out several (self-induced) problems.

  4. I just came over here to see if you guys could help me with a project. Now this… I’m really sad that you are not available for hire anymore, but more than that, I am SO HAPPY for you. You sound excited about this new opportunity, and I think you deserve everything good that comes your way. You have been a fantastic, kind, selflessly helpful, scary genius support to so many WordPress problems I have had over the years. Thank you for all your awesome help and advice. I will really miss you guys and your work, but I’m celebrating with you. Please be well! ~Dagi

    1. Oh we will still be around releasing awesome plugins and doing support here & there. Just no client work really. But I can refer you to some awesome people I know…

  5. Hello everyone congrats to both of you I’m sure you guys will make the team even greater.
    I have always love the work of StudioPress and Copyblogger, because you guys really love what you do.

    Have a great day to all and the best of luck…

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