Cabinet Update

Andrea mentioned the island in the last post & included a picture with placeholder cabinets. A drain pipe had already been installed. Since there wasn’t a spot in the existing cabinet arrangement for a dishwasher, we concluded that’s what the island drain was for.

While planning the island design I kept in mind that the cabinets would essentially be freestanding. Secondly, the location of the drain was such that the dishwasher couldn’t really be installed at the end of the island.

The design I came up with was to have the dishwasher between two cabinets that were facing the ends of the island. There wasn’t a wall to anchor the cabinets to so I built a frame anchored to the floor for the cabinets to back against. There will be a small set of shelves behind the dishwasher but I won’t add those until it has been plumbed and wired.

Installed cabinets looking north west
These cabinets and range are along the west wall of the kitchen. The front door was behind me.

The upper cabinets on either side of the space for the electric range had been installed but the lower ones had just been pushed approximately in place. I hadn’t realized that right away and was happy when I discovered it.

We bought the range and dishwasher months before we needed them so that we could position the cabinets around them.

As it turned out, one of the counter outlets didn’t have a wire that went to the electrical panel. Pulling that wire was easier because the cabinet was mounted to the wall.

All the kitchen cabinets are now levelled & anchored in place. The next task will be templating for the countertop.

Kitchen window over sink & cabinets
The windows face south east. On a sunny morning the kitchen is nice & bright.

The thing with the kitchen cabinets

When we first walked through the house, I was glad to see they had already ordered the cabinets, assembled them, and had them roughly in place. This gave us a good idea for where things were supposed to go, as far as appliances, etc.

There was no sink, but on our second visit I found the sink in a box in the other room. It is this DOMSJĂ– porcelain apron sink from IKEA. By then we had pretty much decided to buy the house, so I was super excited.

My Pinterest board for kitchens is covered with images of apron sinks in country farmhouse kitchens. As my mom would say, this was A Sign.

Once we visited the house a few times, and started thinking and planning the kitchen, we had a good look at how the cabinets were installed.

Or rather how they weren’t.

While the upper cabinets were anchored to the walls, the bottoms ones were not. We also realized the layout of the cabinet pieces by the sink were… less than symmetrical.

As you can see, there was a drawer cabinet, the sink cabinet, a cupboard with a door, then another drawer cabinet. Once we noticed it bothered the crap out of both of us.

So we moved them around.

We also took down the upper cabinets with a thought of using them maybe elsewhere. It really opened up that wall, and the best part was, when you come in the front door you’re not greeted in the face by the side of a cabinet.


Some open shelving will go here instead – nice and white painted wood with some solid white wood curved brackets. We also made sure that the sink cabinet will be centred under the window.

The island in the kitchen, we also planned out using the upper cabinets, just as placeholders. This helped us decide exactly how far away from the other cabinets it should be, how long and where exactly the dishwasher goes. There is a pipe coming up in the floor already for the dishwasher, so that’s what we worked around.


And a good thing, too, because the next Monday IKEA had a free shipping sale that day only. We ordered exactly the matching cabinets we needed, and the extra legs we also discovered we needed.

On another day, Ron also went back and levelled the base cabinets next to the sink and anchored them to the wall. He even started cutting the holes in the sink cabinet for the drain pipes, since they come up from the floor.

While we had our daughter Sarah there today, we showed her what we had done and then had an idea about the fridge placement as well. It’s still along the same wall, except we’re going to try it in the pantry alcove instead of the wall near the door.

So we do have progress, it’s just slow. We have loads of time.